On the Road Maintenance

As you will have seen in my previous post, Time to strip, Maintaining your bike is very important. In an ideal world you would do a quick service your bike every 500km or so, which when you have a work stand and a full set of tools, is easy! But when you’re on the roadContinue reading “On the Road Maintenance”

Day 9: 17/7/18

Tonray Charente to just south of Soulac sur mer 85.3km If yesterday was a day plagued by strong winds, today was plagued by bumpy roads! it’s cooled down slightly, as temperatures were originally predicted in excess of 35 degrees! today the aim was to get to Royan and get the ferry over to le VerdonContinue reading “Day 9: 17/7/18”

Day 8: 16/7/18

La Rochelle to Tonray Charente 78Km After a nice touristy morning and an amazing croissant (I recommend that you try one!), we left la Rochelle and pootled down the bike path. Today was a very relaxed day, with the aim to reach Rochefort. However, once we got there all the campsites were either full, orContinue reading “Day 8: 16/7/18”

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