Day 7 : 15/7/2018

Jard sur mer  – La Rochelle 91.5km

[It] was meant to be a relaxed day today, but due to not getting as far south as we planned to yesterday, we had another long day. Our aim today was to get to a campsite in La Rochelle and watch the match ( Football World Cup France Vs Croatia).

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 23.52.41.png

After a pleasant but hot day of riding on the bike path, we finally got to a buzzing La Rochelle, mere minutes before the match started. We quickly set up our tent, threw all the panniers in and walked into town to catch the second half. We found a spot at the back of a brand watched the game through a forest of arms waving and heads bobbing around – even if we couldn’t see the game very clearly, it was *very* clear when France scored! Cheers Erupted everywhere, people pulled trumpets and drums and anything that can make a sound out of nowhere and starting bashing away, dancing and shouting. it was a truly awesome atmosphere, which didn’t stop until the small hours of the night with people driving around honking their horns!

Tristan struggling with the 40 Degrees + weather we had!

After the match we decided to have an ice-cream. It worked wonders for waking us up and removing the taste of grit from our mouths!

In the campsite we hand washed as much as we could today, and will charge everything up before we leave tomorrow.

In the campsite we also met a Swiss couple who had touring from Switzerland all the way down, and were heading back home the next day – they gave us some great tips on how to get good food cheap! and how to make sure we didn’t get ill from drinking dodgy water.

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